High Net Worth Insurance

High-net-worth insurance policies provide specialized coverage for affluent families and individuals with homes valued at $1 million or above, or with a net worth exceeding $5 million.
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High Net Worth Insurance

When your service, professional and personal interests grow, so do your dangers. Unexpectedly, you’re handling intricate financial security concerns that need the assistance of seasoned professionals in high net worth insurance services.

We’ll work with you to recognize, assess, and manage the distinct set of dangers that come with a high net worth. Our highly trained, experienced insurance experts concentrate on providing professional guidance and customized danger management solutions to high net worth individuals – directly, and through family offices and personal business managers.

Rethink Insurance

If anything were to happen, you have enough to cover your household’s financial needs. That means you don’t need life insurance, right? You may be surprised.

There are more benefits to life insurance than income security. Life insurance is an essential tool created to supply liquidity to assist offset estate tax liability.

We’ll deal with you to identify how you can take advantage of life insurance as a way of wealth preservation.

Tax-efficient techniques for high-net-worth indviduals

Planning is necessary for HNW investors. Here`s how tax and insurance coverage techniques can ensure your wealth is maintained for future generations.

High net worth individuals deal with a different set of financial challenges and opportunities than most other Canadians. Usually, their concerns are less about moneying their lifestyle in retirement and more about how to secure and grow their wealth and pass it on to the next generation.

Life Insurance

Insurance is a tax-efficient method to ensure wealth is passed from the estate to heirs. That`s why HNW individuals typically depend on insurance coverage to hand down wealth far more than average Canadians. The secret is to lessen the fiscal impact and transfer as much cash as possible in a planned and structured way.

Insurance Carriers

  • Manulife Financial
  • Canada Life
  • Sun Life
  • RBC Insurance
  • BMO Insurance
  • Canada Protection Plan (CPP)
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Ivari
  • Equitable Life
  • Empire Life

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