Over the years, our clients love us as we help them as their needs change. Here are some of the great things our clients have been saying about their experiences with IFA.tax.

Client Testimonials

Reduced my tax exposure

My financial advisor referred me to Dino for a second opinion regarding my “elevated” income tax situation. From the very first meeting, I knew that Dino was passionate about tax-efficient strategies that would legally reduce my tax-exposure, let alone increase my wealth. I have been recommending Dino to my friends and family to help them as well, and they are extremely happy as well with his services.

Ruben C.

There’s more to income tax than just preparing the corporate financial statements and tax returns

Dino showed us that there was more to income tax than just preparing the corporate financial statements and tax returns. Dino assisted us with legally reduce/defer income taxes by doing things differently.

Ali K.
Real Estate

Lowered income taxes

We are very pleased that Dino helped us minimize our taxes so we can maximize our wealth. Our income tax is still our biggest expense, albeit much lower as of recent.

Gabriel Z.

Frustrated with income taxes

After becoming frustrated with paying a considerable amount of income tax over the years, we decided to look for a second opinion. We stumbled upon IFA.tax on Google earlier this year. After reviewing our tax situation, Dino legally put in place a tax-reducing permanent life insurance strategy that substantially lowered our tax-exposure by 40% for the next 10 years.

Josef M.

Tax implications for corporate structures

My financial advisor referred me to Dino, and yes, for those you who know him, he is very knowledgeable in corporate structures and tax implications, but above all, he is very down to earth. Dino took the time to truly understand my challenges, and always takes the time to explain every step in plain English. Undoubtedly, I strongly recommended Dino and his team.

Pranav P.

Communication is always clear

Dino Maragos is great to work with. Communication is always clear. Great response times. Very resourceful. He’s a player in the boardroom. Great experience! Cheers!

Pradeep S.

You’re in good hands

The first time I spoke with Dino and consequently his staff, I knew I was in capable hands. I feel as if I have made a lifetime friend. Many thanks!!

Simon H.
Software Engineer

Complex trust structure

Our trusts were relatively complex and needed to have them reviewed and changed. Dino explained things very well and helped us make some complex decisions regarding wealth preservation, estate planning. Dino was was professional, respectful, personable with an excellent temperament, and a good sense of humor.

Reid M.
Mechanical Engineer

Informed tax-aware decisions

With ever-increasing choices and complexities related to charitable donations and their tax implications, my husband and I have trusted IFA.tax’s strategic guidance. Whether our family situation changed or if there were significant changes in the financial landscape, IFA makes the necessary adjustments to keep our financial goals on track. Their life insurance strategies and years of practical experience have enabled us to make informed tax-aware decisions to preserve our wealth, estate, and legacy.

Beatriz M.
Marketing Exec.

Life Insurance as an asset class

Dino answered all of our questions and thoroughly explained how and why life insurance should be considered an asset class. We didn’t feel rushed. Our meetings were personalized. Paying fewer taxes is so satisfying.

Anthony R.

Good listener

After listening to our story, Dino devised a plan that met and exceeded our expectations. We now know that our wishes are explicitly expressed in the event of a tragedy. Our legacy will survive and our journey for the rest of our lives is safe. Thank you!

Fatima Y.
Medical Research

Excellent Communication

Excellent communication and professional service from Dino Maragos. Our needs were understood and met. We’ve never had a trust before and had many questions regarding costs, liabilities, and tax-exposure. Thank you for explaining so well and helping us meet our long term goals.

Dimitris G.
Equity Markets

You are all amazing

You are all amazing and I thank you! I had a wonderful experience with everyone I spoke with or came in contact with at IFA TAX. I thank each and every one of you, especially Dino and George! Thank you!!

Ronnie G.

Ecstatic about saving taxes

Dino elegantly explained the IFA process and answered all of our questions… and then some. We are very pleased with the experience, but we are ecstatic about saving taxes. We will gladly recommend your services to others.

Mark C.
Cleaning Services

Best tax reduction decisions

Dino was thorough and listened to all our concerns. The explanations were all very easy to understand and made me feel confident that the best tax reduction decisions were being made.

Kenton D.

You will not regret reaching out

Dino handled a difficult topic with clarity and understanding of our needs. You will not regret reaching out.

Eric A.

Excellent advice and help

I have always had excellent advice and help in every situation when I was establishing my trust with Dino. I would recommend ifa.tax (and have) to my friends.

Tim B.

IFA presents many options for estate and wealth planning

IFA presents many options for estate and wealth planning. Dino and his back office were very professional regarding the tax-advantages of leveraged life insurance. The team has a deep bench, backed by knowledge and experience.

Freddy C.

Everyone at IFA is friendly

Everyone at IFA is so friendly. Mr. Dino was very knowledgeable and he answered all our questions. He was able to put myself and my husband’s fears to rest. The not so easy process was made very easy for us and Dino totally explained it to us in layman’s terms, not lawyer jargon. Dino also helped with my father’s will. He is 91 years old and hard of hearing. Everyone was so patient and helpful in every way! Thank you so much!

Helen W.

Competent and informative

Professional, competent, knowledgeable, informative, down to earth, easy to work. Recommended!

Charles A.
Master Electrician

The right advisor!

Dino is “the advisor” I have been looking for all these years. Professional, humble, personable, but especially knowledgeable in affairs of tax-planning and what matters most – protecting my wealth and legacy for my family. Who knew life insurance was the missing component of an investment portfolio!

Ross K.

Less stressed about my tax situation

Very friendly and helpful staff. Dino is very professional and made me feel at ease and less stressed about my tax situation.

Virgilio B.
Health Services Professional

We are happy

Both my husband and I have been Dino’s life insurance and tax planning clients for many years. As we approach retirement, we are happy that Dino is leveraging our policies to minimize our income taxes.

Rebecca G.

Passionate about protecting wealth from taxes

For us, and very likely for most high-net-worth Canadians, income tax is by far the biggest tax burden. I can tell Dino is passionate about helping professionals protecting their wealth from taxes so they can keep more money for themselves.

Adrian H.

Confident tax strategies

My professional experience with Dino and the IFA.tax team has been absolutely positive. Dino projects confident tax strategies and I am happy with his services.

Ulysses M.
IT Professional

Proactive tax planning

About three years ago, I was reviewing my financial situation and was using an accounting firm that was preparing my tax returns but was not proactive in tax planning. I was referred to Dino to get a second opinion. He was able to legally reduce/defer about $95,000 each year in taxes! The savings were invested in life insurance, leveraged, and with a 3% compounded return over 20 years, my net worth will increase by $2.5 million, without having to do anything except legally taking advantage of the income tax laws. I am richer than I think!

Francisco K.
Food Services

Leverged life insurance to protect my family and business

Dino worked with our lawyer to reorganize our corporate structure that included leveraged life insurance to protect my business and my family. Our income taxes are now reduced significantly and have increased protection for our corporate and personal assets.

Nick A.

Our net worth has increased

We have seen our net worth increase by minimizing our income taxes and can see that IFA-tax’s tax-planning and tax-efficient investing strategies that include life insurance will really help to accelerate our wealth building in the future.

Carlo T.

Being a shareholder of a family business

Dino took the time to analyze our income, assets, lifestyle as well as our tax exposure and financial goals. He explained that by being shareholders in a profitable family-owned business, we changed how, when and how much to pay ourselves personally to sustain the same income, but with a much lesser income taxes, for both business and personal. We highly recommend Dino and his team’s services.

Mario R.

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